Cactus Water Moisturizer
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Cactus Water Moisturizer
47.59 mL/1.61 fl oz | $38.00

A moisturizer fit for a queen! This ultra-lightweight moisturizer gives thirsty skin a sip of hydration courtesy of The Queen of Night Cactus, leaving skin soft, smooth and supple. This fast-absorbing solution for combination to oily skin helps improve moisture levels without the weight of a heavy cream. Perfect for priming and perfecting the skin prior to makeup application.

Bursting with hydrating ingredients like Queen of the Night Cactus and Aloe Vera, this lightweight and fast absorbing formula delivers instant hydration, leaving skin soft and supple.

Pro Tip: For an ultra-cool sensation, stick Cactus Water Moisturizer in the fridge to give your skin a refreshing sip!

Cactus (“Queen of the Night”)
Combo to Oily Skin
Botanical Science
Artificial Fragrance and Color-Free
Great !!!
5 star review
jenny v. 07.09.2019
I have dry / sensitive skin that is easily dehydrated and I have visible pores is some areas of my face - cheeks and in between eyebrow area. I use a lot of oily and heavy moisturizers to maintain a good skin barrier for repair but I couldn’t ever find a moisturizer for hydration. It was my missing piece until now! I really love this light weight cream. I mainly use it at night but I am not afraid to use in the day. After letting it do it’s magic after application, I even feel like I can go out without makeup! That says something in my book. Great product! read more
Love it. Love it. Love it. New favorite.
4 star review
rachel h. 07.08.2019
This is my new favorite moisturizer. I have oily, acne prone skin. I use this daily around my eyes and in between my eyebrows where that ugly crease in the skin tends to stick out. It helps plump up my skin and diminish lines (noticeably) - which I wasn't expecting from this product. Plus I think it helps moisturize while avoiding breakouts. I've been using it for three months and I love it. Sometimes I will use it all over my face before bed at night (after washing my face). But during the day, because my skin is so oily, I only use it around my eyes and the crease between my eyebrows. If I need moisturizer all over my face, during the day when I'm out, I'll use my other favorite moisturizer, the oil-free tea tree oil moisturizer. It has a matte finish and keeps it from looking oily all day while also keeping it from looking cracked/dry (minimizing lines). But again, I was surprised at how lovely this cactus moisturizer plumps and moisturizes the skin without making it look greasy/too shiny.
boscia, please do not ever stop making the Cactus Water Moisturizer or the Tea Tree Oil moisturizer. Those two are winning products. If you ever stop making these, give us warning plenty of time in advance so I can buy 50 jars.
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Great Product
5 star review
ernestine t. 05.17.2019
I have normal to oily skin and over 50 years old. This is a great moisturizer, it makes your skin look bright and smooth. I highly recommend
Best moisturizer...seriously!
5 star review
willow r. 04.29.2019
I've got oily, acne prone skin (with the occasional dry patch) and large pores. After using this stuff for one night only, my skin is the softest I've ever felt and the patchy texture of my forehead is smooth. My skin doesn't look as oily and my breakouts have calmed down, with the dry patches disappearing. Best moisturizer I've ever used honestly. Feels so calming and doesn't turn my skin red like most moisturizers do! read more
2 star review
anne z. 04.18.2019
Perhaps not a bad moisturizer for the summer months, but when Boscia discontinued its Supercharge Overnight Moisturizer it claimed that this was the replacement. It's not. I personally refer pump packaging - I think it's less bulky to travel with and is cleaner (you're not sticking dirty fingers or tools into the product) - but regardless this moisturizer is very light and leaves combination skin feeling dry and tight. It's probably quite nice for oily skin, but a warning to all combination skin out there. I will try it again over the summer months but it's not enough for colder, dry weather. read more
Never knew Cactus like this
5 star review
sarah i. 01.15.2019
Looking back at life without this moisturizer seems like another life time, and I am not being dramatic! Since I first purchased this moisturizer, I have already gone through 2 whole jars (that is how much I enjoy this product). I do wear a fair amount of makeup/BB cream and I find that this helps lock in moisture but also allows my makeup to glide on effortlessly and helps with skin texture.
Trying Different Brands With “Resurrection Plant
3 star review
jessie p. 12.18.2018
I’ve been searching for a few creams with the Resurrection Plant Extract or Stem Cells from the plant. It’s supposed to be the fountain of youth. This cream has a Lower concentrated amount judging by ingredient list top to bottom. Can we get a more concentrated Resurrection Cream Boscia?
Rolls off skin
3 star review
uliana s. 10.16.2018
It's an okay moisturizer, but if you plan on applying anything after it(sunscreen, foundation, etc.), be prepared that the moisturizer is going to roll off and create gel pellets that are not easy to get rid of.
2 star review
rilee r. 09.14.2018
This moisturizer was soothing and had a nice scent, although did not work for my skin. I have sensitive, oily and acne prone skin. This felt sticky and made my makeup look cakey. I really had high hopes that I would like this, but the texture was not cutting it for me.
The perfect mosturizer
5 star review
melissa m. 07.26.2018
This moisturizer is perfect for my oily-to-combo skin! I love the gel-texture and it's so cooling and refreshing on my skin. It makes my skin feel hydrated all day