brand pillars
in plants we believe
At boscia, we empower plants to do their jobs—letting ingredients go with their natural instincts. We dig deep. Gathering elements from the earth, each one with a purpose to help, because they know what to do—and they do it well.
chemical preservative-free forever
We keep things clear. Nothing to hide, because only good-for-you ingredients go into our products. We've always believed in our ultraclean, chemical preservative-free process. We use naturally occurring compounds, like Lactobacillus Ferment, Radish Root Extract and Honeysuckle Flower Extract to help maintain product integrity for truly safe and clean beauty. We'll always tell you what's in the products that go on your skin, and it's all good.
ground-breaking innovation
We're here to break new ground. Always innovating the latest and greatest to keep up with an ever-changing environment. We're innovators at heart– we challenge the status quo, push boundaries and reach new heights with our advanced cutting-edge technologies. Our innovations are made for play in formats that surprise—textures that move with you, bounce and stretch. Made to amaze and meant to be shared. It's all part of our plan to make skincare meet the modern world, with an attitude of exploration and excitement.
for the sensitive types
We formulate for the most sensitive skin types, so you don't have to worry about the bad—just the good. Our products soothe, balance, protect and calm. No artificial fragrances, dyes or harmful ingredients to irritate or annoy.
keeping it clear
We're here to show your our products have nothing to hide, inside and out. Our formulas comply with EU standards, the strictest on earth; banning 1,600 ingredients and counting. These ingredients are continuously monitored at the time of development for safety. At boscia, we're committed to growing our list of ingredients that we refuse to use each year so your skin can shine, without the worry.
planting seeds
We dig deep to create plant-to-bottle formulas that show results —letting ingredients go with their natural instincts. It's our turn to take care of the planet that takes care of us. We take reduce, reuse and recycle to heart and our ever-growing mission is to become sustainably ever-green each year.
Our ClearForMe website capability allows you to click into the ingredients on our product pages to learn more for full transparency on what’s in our products – try it for yourself!