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Sake Treatment Water
Sake Treatment Water Sake Treatment Water alternate image Sake Treatment Water alternate image Sake Treatment Water alternate image
Sake Treatment Water
53 mL/1.79 fl oz | $46.00

Hydrate, brighten, and prep skin for serums and moisturizers with a treatment water that instantly refreshes the skin. Sake and Vitamin B3 improve skin tone, firmness, and texture, while reviving and brightening the complexion.

Pro Tip:
Apply Sake Treatment Water as the first step to your skincare routine to act as the delivery system for the rest of your products.

All Skin Types
Botanical Science
Artificial Fragrance and Color-Free
Great toner
5 star review
mari s. 01.31.2017
This is a great toner, I have to use a toner, AM, and PM both,
right after I wash my face.
It gives my skin hydrated and makes calm.
The bottle is bit smaller than what I thought, felt bit pricey,
but I am hoping this gives a great result for my skin.

such a nicr product
5 star review
julie p. 05.23.2016
I loved this product. I used it day and night after washing my face, it definitely hydrated and gave a brightenings effect on my skin. I am pretty much at thr end of the bottle and will definitely purchase again. Another great product.
Excellent treatment product
5 star review
judith m. 02.03.2016
I spritz this treatment water into other facial products so that they spread more easily.Then I apply the Sake Balm. Very pleased with the use and effects of the Sake products.


treatment and hydration in one!!
5 star review
angela p. 08.14.2015
Very nice hydrating treatment before my moisturizer. Skin felt soft, hydrated and brighter.
my new go to!
5 star review
rebecca b. 08.13.2015
This is the product you didn\'t think you needed and soon realized you can\'t live without. It visibly brightens and hydrates dull skin. If you have a big skin care ritual (as I do) and layer many products this is so nice because it really does help everything absorb better. Before sake treatment water my products sometimes pilled becuase they weren\'t absorbing. Now I no longer have that problem! read more
unexpectedly in love!
5 star review
carrie h. 08.13.2015
Was unsure of this at first, but then when I saw how much better my other products layered, I was a believer!! It's crazy how it thickens on the skin as you massage it in. For sure, will be a constant in my skin care routine!
my newest favorite product
5 star review
tanya t. 08.12.2015
THIS IS NOT A TONER!!!! It is a treatment. I bought this recently and it is so unique. Sephora told me this is a skincare primer, so you use this first. After you put your essense or serums on top. I use this every mo
ing and night and I love it!! It has made my skin super smooth and I think I use less of my other products now because this helps to hydrate my skin and make everything glide on beter. read more
Unique product
4 star review
amber r. 09.24.2015
This is the first time I've seen any product like this and why I decided to try it. I do like it, however, I don't think it's very necessary to my skin care routine. I got it to go along with the sake balm. It definitely does provide brightening to my skin. I use my boscia balancing toner first, then this, and finish with the balm for day time. It gives my face a toned and hydrated feel and other products go on smoothly over it. I like the texture of it. Will probably purchase again. read more
1 star review
devin m. 01.22.2017
NOT FOR ME. I have very sensitive skin. The minute I applied it my skin turned red. For me, it must therefore be an irritant. I am fine with and love the sake eye masks. There must be something in this preparation that is too strong for me.