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Exfoliating Peel Gel
Exfoliating Peel Gel Exfoliating Peel Gel alternate image Exfoliating Peel Gel alternate image Exfoliating Peel Gel alternate image Exfoliating Peel Gel alternate image Exfoliating Peel Gel alternate image
Exfoliating Peel Gel
150 mL/5 fl oz  |  $34.00
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Smooth, brighten, and firm skin with a lightweight, three-way peeling gel that delivers gentle exfoliation for deeper, more thorough cleansing results. This triple-threat peeling gel works in three ways: as a physical peel to visibly sweep away dead skin cells, as a chemical peel to penetrate deep into skin for in-depth exfoliation, and as a treatment to promote a younger-looking, healthy complexion.

Pro Tip: For smooth and flawless makeup application, prep skin with Exfoliating Peel Gel.

All Skin Types
Botanical Science
Artificial Fragrance and Color-Free
Amazing Product
5 star review
cynthia b. 07.11.2020
This product has transformed my aging skin. It is a powerful yet gentle exfoliator--it leaves my skin clean and smooth, and over time, my skin has become soft and glowing.
Totally can’t wait!
5 star review
jessica p. 05.22.2020
Si i have just purchased this only because my neighbor had me try some of hers on my hand and my hand was so smooth after so I was like I need to buy this stuff for my face too! I can’t wait to get mine!!
Just ordered my 3rd bottle
5 star review
zee b. 05.12.2020
After getting this from Sephora twice, I decided to come online to order this and see what other stuff I've been missing. While the process is a little gross as it peels up gunk (and I find I have to wash my face after to get everything off) the effects on my skin are well worth the extra effort. Due to roseaca and acne medication my skin is dry and very textured, but using this three times a week makes my skin so much smoother and softer and I feel like I'm even getting fewer flares and irritations with regular use. read more
5 star review
jacqueline m. 12.06.2019
This is amazing! It gently exfoliates the dead skin, which you can feel pilling as you massage your face. It leaves your skin so fresh and dewy!!
A Winter Must Have!
5 star review
jennifer n. 12.06.2019
My skin will occasionally be dry and look a little flaky during the winter. This will quickly solve the problem quickly and without irritation.
Recommended by my esthetician
5 star review
lisa c. 03.01.2018
This product was recommended to me by an aesthetician at a Ritz-Carlton spa, and the spa doesn't even carry boscia products, so I believed her and bought it online! She told me that she uses it herself and applies it a few minutes before getting into the shower, giving the ingredients time to work. Washing it off is a lot easier in the shower than the sink, especially if you have one of those particularly sticky bits that adhere to tiny hairs on your face. I've been using in 3-4 times per week for about a month and love it. Doesn't irritate my skin with frequent use. read more
5 star review
mary t. 01.15.2018
I am 58 years old with all the problems of aging skin and inherited very large pores that are getting more noticeable as I age. I received a sample of the exfoliating peel gel and what a game changer. Immediately my skin looked and felt better and though we can never get rid of our open pores as that’s the way nature made them it did make them not as noticeable. Just bought a full size and looking forward to using it regularly. Can’t wait to see even more amazing results. read more
A Must have!!!
5 star review
emily b. 04.09.2017
I started using this product in 2015! I have never found anything like it and I honestly cannot get a good clear face without it. I've been to several beauty experts that say I need this product or that product because right near my nose and cheeks I have very dry skin so any time I apply makeup it looks patchy and cracked so I never get a good finished look. This product solves the issues 100's of $ worth of makeup couldn't. If you're looking for something that helps with dry skin or even oily this is a must have!!! read more
5 star review
amy b. 09.16.2016
I didn't believe that such a simple product could have such terrific results. While the peel goes on very wet ad immediately leaves the small clumps, it really does work. The product never truly dries, but I kept on using it. Dead skin kept falling away. I concentrated on my problem areas, and even included my decolllete. When I finally removed all the dead skin, I thought I'd try it again. This time there was almost no dead skin removed. The first time around was enough. Once I had rinsed off the product, I was shocked at how smooth and refreshed my skin was. The rough skin around my nose was gone, and my few larger pores were diminished tremendously. My other products went on like silk. I was really impressed with the gentleness and effectiveness of the peel. No dry skin, no irritated areas. I felt very fresh and beautiful for the day. My mineral powder went on like silk and was many more times effective.
I recommend this product to anyone.
read more
Absolutely Amazing!
5 star review
lisa h. 09.10.2016
Love Love Love this product! I have always gotten a professional microdermabrasion treatment once a month but I just moved to a new city and haven't found a spa that offers it. So I went to Sephora looking for help.

Omg! I am so in love with this product after just one try! It immediately and gently removed the dead layers of skin on my face.

It's simply a Miracle in a tiny bottle!

It's a must try and a must have!
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