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Kristen Favaro, Owner of Fuga Salon and Spa

BOC: What does Fuga mean?
KF: The word Fuga is derived from the word “fuggire”, which means “to escape” in Italian. So technically, it means “escape”. How did Fuga come about?Antonio Favaro, my husband and co-owner, had a successful thriving career in Italy, and would have been perfectly content to stay there...however, I wanted to try living in the US for awhile. We decided to compromise and try to bring as much of Italy to the US as possible, and to create something that we knew didn’t exist here - a salon that offered the highest quality European services, without the typical “in-and-out as quickly as possible” salon attitude. Every guest receives his or her choice of a cappuccino, espresso, glass of wine and a little panino, all Italian, of course. We also continually work with Antonio’s partners from Italy to keep abreast of what’s hot in Europe, and this is something we will continue to do and expand upon.

BOC: What skin care products do you use and why?
KF: We currently use two skin care product lines, Yonka and Boscia. Previous to opening Fuga, I helped develop and launch a line of body care products that was sold in several of the most exclusive spas across the country. Through this experience I was able to learn what was the best and why. Yonka is my tried and true line, they have been around for years and have more loyal followers, from Madonna to Gwenyth Paltrow. I have seen my skin improve dramatically using Yonka. I also wanted to use products that you couldn’t find everywhere, and Boscia really fit the bill. Boscia is actually made by Fancl, a Japanese company, and the products are incredibly pure and clean. Fancl has actually patented a combination of ingredients in such a way that they don’t need to use any preservatives; hence it is the perfect line for extremely sensitive skin. BOC: What is your most requested service?
KF: Hmmmm...I would honestly have to say things are pretty well distributed. I have heard, “that is the best facial I’ve ever had,” at least 10 times now ---And of course, hair (with Antonio), especially brides. Manicures and pedicures have also been far more popular than I had anticipated.

BOC: What services do you offer?
KF: I guess it’s easier to say what we don’t offer. We don’t have a room for couple’s massage, but other than that, everything from hair, nails, waxing, facials, massage, make-up (we use Jane Iredale mineral make-up) and body treatments---You name it, we offer it. We also have a reiki master and an expert in cranial sacral massage.

BOC: What treatments do you recommend for sun-damaged skin?
KF: Definitely our “Rinascimento Della Pelle” facial (renaissance of the skin), it uses a lot of Yonka products to help resurface and renew the skin, good for sun spots. For newly damaged or sunburned skin, I would try “La Giulietta” (Juliet’s facial) which uses Boscia products to soothe irritated skin.

BOC: Can you accommodate groups for private parties?

KF: Yes, we have already hosted two bachelorette parties/showers. The space is very inviting for evening events, and there is plenty of room for sitting, opening gifts, etc.

BOC: What types of services are best for private parties and is there a minimum?
KF: Mini Facials, mini massages, make-up applications, manicures and blowouts tend to be the most popular, as they all last around 30 minutes. The minimum is $100 per person, so if there are 8 guests, it is $800. Usually some guests end up spending $20 for a manicure and others spend $200 for the works, so it all works out in the end. The host is responsible for the difference in the total bill if there is any.

BOC: What is the cost for a private party?
KF: There is no cost aside from meeting the minimum.
3853 n. Southport Ave. Chicago 60613

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