Ravishing Red!
On Passions, Rebecca's seductive glow works magic on Julian -- thanks to the actress who portrays her. Andrea Evans's healthcare regimen consists of a vegetarian lifestyle and regular use of preservative free skincare products by Boscia. SoapCity sat down with Andrea to get all of the details.

Andrea: "I'm kind of a natural gal. I like to keep what I put into my body and what I put on my body as natural and pure as I possibly can. So, when I was introduced to this product, it just seemed right up my alley. I also have very sensitive skin and have absolutely no problem with it whatsoever."

SC Sherrie: "Since you began using Boscia have you noticed a change in your skin?"

Andrea: "Mostly what I notice for myself is I have extremely sensitive skin -- I have very oily skin -- so it's very hard for me to use moisturizers and sun block because they tend to clog up your pores and make you greasier than they already are. Boscia does really well with me and with my skin. It's kept my skin really nice and moist but hasn't made me greasy, which is really good."

SC Sherrie: "One of the products that you use is the anti-oxidant recovery treatment C. It seemed like it had a lot of interesting things in it. What does that do for your skin?"

Andrea: "It's great! I like to use the anti-oxidant recovery in the morning when I get up. I love putting that on my face. It just feels like it removes a lot of the impurities out of my skin that have been gathering on my face. It's really, really nice."

SC Sherrie: "What is the one item that you don't leave the house without?"

Andrea: "Sun-block! [Laughs] So that is definitely it. The Vital Daily Moisture all the way around! People should get it pounded into their heads to stay out of the sun."

SC Sherrie: "I noticed the Night Moisture Cream has soybean in it -- which is really good for you, right?"

Andrea: "There are all these wonderful herbs and things which are really great! I mean, you just feel good putting it on."

SC Sherrie: "Do you have hair products that you swear by?"

Andrea: "I use Kiehl products for my hair. They have an everyday shampoo that I absolutely love, but there is also a Japanese product that I use constantly and I get it from our hairdressers from Passions. I don't know how to pronounce it, because it's all in Japanese! [Laughs]"

SC Sherrie: "You have a column for Healthy Cooks Magazine where you write about a healthy lifestyle and share healthy vegetarian recipes. When did you decide to be a vegetarian?"

Andrea: "I've been a vegetarian about 10 years now."

SC Sherrie: "What are the benefits?"

Andrea: "I personally feel better. I feel better, I have more energy and it's easier for me to watch my weight than it is with eating all the meat products. It's easier to keep organic and to keep the antibiotics and chemicals out of your body. The horrible things that they feed the animals that people eat. And I found that people kept commenting on how my skin, my hair, everything seemed to glow when I stopped eating meat. So it seems there are some beauty benefits (laugh) as well, but it's just a style of life I like. I do eat a little fish because I'm married to a carnivore and (laugh) it just makes life a little easier if I eat a little fish."

SC Sherrie: "How do you balance the protein in your diet? Do you do it with beans and things like that?"

Andrea: "Food combining. I also eat milk products -- I'm not a vegan. I do eat milk products and I do eat a little fish, as well as the food combining, you know, the rice and beans and things. I feel I have more energy. If it weren't for my husband, I'd give up the fish entirely and go entirely vegetarian because I just like the way I feel."

Boscia's products are freshness-dated and preservative-free, combining the best of nature's botanicals to soothe, regenerate and protect the skin. For more on their products, go to www.boscia.net.


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