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Berry Blend Smoothing Facial with 28% Acid Complex
Berry Blend Smoothing Facial with 28% Acid Complex Berry Blend Smoothing Facial with 28% Acid Complex alternate image Berry Blend Smoothing Facial with 28% Acid Complex alternate image Berry Blend Smoothing Facial with 28% Acid Complex alternate image Berry Blend Smoothing Facial with 28% Acid Complex alternate image
New! Berry Blend Smoothing Facial with 28% Acid Complex
80 mL/2.7 fl oz U.S. |  $44.00
or 4 installment payments of $11.00 using

Exfoliate away dead skin cells, eradicate dullness and resurface skin with a powerful facial mask boasting a 28% Acid Complex, comprised of AHAs, BHAs and good-for-skin acids, and benefit-packed berries that refine skin texture, minimize the look of fine lines and wrinkles, fight breakouts and dramatically brighten to reveal a perfected complexion that's glowing and refined.

Clinical studies show:

100% of users reported smoother skin texture*
100% of users reported significant improvements in skin’s softness and smoothness**
90% of users reported their skin appeared significantly brighter**

* in a clinical study after one use (immediate) when used twice weekly
** in a clinical study over 28 days when used twice weekly


AHAs (Alpha Hydroxy Acids)
BHAs (Beta Hydroxy Acids)
All Skin Types
Botanical Science
Artificial Fragrance and Color-Free
Give it a try
5 star review
kenia c. 09.28.2020
This mask is good for those we suffer acne i really like it i use it at night 2 times per week

Thank you trendmood
best mask ever!!!!
5 star review
parveen b. 08.25.2020
this is the best mask ever. really helped tighten my pores and made my skin glow!!
This is magic
5 star review
tong h. 08.20.2020
I love this Mask!!! It really is magic! I use this once a week cause it does have a higher concentration of acid for that deep exfoliant. It removes a lot of dead skin and leaves you with baby smooth skin. It does tingle but you'll get use to it. Follow the direction to the "T" with this mask and you'll have nice glowy skin! Love, love, love this!
this mask delivers results!
5 star review
rachel j. 08.11.2020
This mask is a winner, very glad I purchased it! It's a good strong exfoliating treatment that I've been enjoying using every weekend to keep my skin smooth & glowy! I like to do this mask and then use a nice hydrating honey mask afterwards to soothe the skin, because this one packs a punch. If your skin does not already have a high tolerance to chemical exfoliants this will sting, but you will acclimate to it within a few uses and the results are well worth a couple minutes of discomfort. DON'T OVERUSE THIS! I feel like you could really irritate your skin if you use this mask too much so I'd stick to once a week, especially if you have other exfoliating steps in your daily routine. read more
5 star review
ks s. 07.20.2020
This product is amazing! Worth the hype and worth every cent in my wallet. This facial mask has worked wonders for my skin. My skin immediately looks bright and firm. This is my new favorite mask because it gives a very nice glow to my skin. I have combination acne-prone adult skin (early 30s) that needs extra hydration and acne treatment. This product is perfect. It doesn’t break my face out and is deeply hydrating and it does gently exfoliate which helps with my texture and acne. I use it once a week and my skin is lovely and soft for a few days after application. I’ve gotten so many compliments on how glowy my skin looks after using this mask. This is my one true Holy Grail product. read more
The perfect glow
5 star review
erica g. 07.18.2020
I absolutely love this berry blend smoothing facial. There is a slight tingling sensation while it’s on but it’s not at all uncomfortable. I use a muslin cloth to remove and it’s cute to see the berry seeds all over as it comes off. I have used the mask several times and right after I definitely have a glow and I have been using it before bed and am still glowing the next day. I do think the results are cumulative my skin looks smoother and has a fresher glow. Let me put into perspective what I’m working with just so you get the picture of how completely amazing thus mask is.....I turned 40 in May and have been battling MS for over 10 years and then for the last 3 1/2 years I’ve been very sick with a mast cell disease and several other health challenges that have put me through the ringer, led to multiple surgeries and I currently have a feeding tube surgically inserted into my small intestine bc I cannot tolerate oral intake if foods, all of this has greatly affected my sleep with some nights only getting 2 1/2 hours and it’s also affected my appearance and my skin so to finally be seeing glowing skin for the first tine in awhile has really helped me feel human again. This is definitely going to stay in my skincare regimen and is worth the time it takes to do. Thank you Boscia for giving me back my glow and making me feel pretty again!

This product was received free in exchange for an honest review as part of boscia's sampling program.
read more
Boscia how I love you!
5 star review
nina h. 07.18.2020
WOW. boscia consistently comes out with products that do wonders for my skin! Thankfully I am blessed with pretty normal skin but with this new product & pretty much every Boscia products take my skin to the next level. I do have the occasional dry spots but with regular use of the Berry Blend Smoothing Facial, those areas have shown improvement! I am obsessed with this mask!!! Boscia is my #1 skin care brand for everything! There's something for all types of skin! #BosciaBestie read more
Radiance Boost!
5 star review
carrie s. 07.07.2020
I have used this mask three times and each time my skin is noticeably much more radiant. The mask consistency is a gel and it is a wash off mask. When applied there is a bit of a tingle that I like. It doesn’t wash off with just a rinse, washcloth easily removed remaining bits. I am looking forward to continued use and seeing effects on fine lines and wrinkles.

This product was received free in exchange for an honest review as part of boscia's sampling program.
read more
New Mask
5 star review
kimberly m. 07.06.2020
I used it last night and I love it! You definitely feel the tingly sensation but not a big deal. My skin felt so clean and smooth after using it. I would definitely purchase!

This product was received free in exchange for an honest review as part of boscia's sampling program.
Torn- love the mask/hate the production
4 star review
tiffany e. 09.11.2020
I was anxiously awaiting this product as I have recently fallen in love with peels and couldn’t be happier my fav skin care line dropped one. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it! When it arrived I could tell something happened upon shipping. The outside was a mess and it had leaked all over the plastic lining and jar. My hands were a sticky mess trying to open it. When I opened it I couldn’t tell wether it had melted or been opened. I immediately sent pics and asked it it was ok to use. I was more disappointed in customer service then I was with the mask. The mask I felt was excellent. Left my skin feeling soft and refined. What I expect from these products. However, the blowing off of how messed up my product was when it arrived was seriously disappointing and not at all in Line with what I have come to expect from this brand. They basically said, eh it’s fine to use. Um, ok? So it’s ok it leaked all over? They never answered me, whether I can expect this from the product or not. I asked if it is always this runny or if it is supposed to leak. No answer to those questions. So my overall reviews is... great mask. Terrible production. if you’re ok with a messy jar and inability to take it on travels, then give it a shot. If you plan to travel with it, that’s a big NO. Which is a big negative me, as I travel a lot. read more