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Green Tea Oil-free Moisturizer
Green Tea Oil-free Moisturizer Green Tea Oil-free Moisturizer alternate image Green Tea Oil-free Moisturizer alternate image Green Tea Oil-free Moisturizer alternate image Green Tea Oil-free Moisturizer alternate image Green Tea Oil-free Moisturizer alternate image
Green Tea Oil-free Moisturizer
50 g/1.7 oz  |  $38.00
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A lightweight moisturizer infused with antioxidant-rich Japanese Green Tea hydrates, nourishes, and soothes redness from breakouts while helping to control oil and sebum production.

Pro Tip: Try Green Tea Oil-Control Mask beforehand for long-lasting shine-control.

Green Tea
Oily Skin
Botanical Science
Artificial Fragrance and Color-Free
Love the way this make my skin look and feel
5 star review
jacqueline t. 06.07.2019
I've had this product for about a month and it has done wonders for my skin. The first week or so, I thought it was useless! My face always has dry spots near my lips and chin and this didn't seem to keep those areas hydrated for as long as I had hoped. I figured I'd just keep using this because it was pretty pricey and I would just give it some time and that's exactly what I needed. After that rough patch, my skin started reacting positively to this moisturizer and I love how it leaves a non-oily and healthy look. So just my two cents, give your skin some time to adjust to the product, sometimes we expect these things to work in just one use and that's not always the case. read more
The best!!!
5 star review
dulce o. 05.27.2019
I just started using this moisturizer for probably about a week now and it has made my skin feel soooo soft ! I absolutely love it and planning on getting it again !
5 star review
faith w. 12.02.2018
I think every other month I try a new moisturizer only to hate it or return it weeks later.
I love this moisturizer. Its light weight, doesn't leave me feeling sticky, it doesn't smell bad and its helped my skin tremendously!!
Also all of boscia products score really well in their ingredients, because they aren't harsh!! Which is great because I can break out so easily!!!
You need to buy this moisturizer!!
read more
Best lotion for my oily skin ever, ever, ever.
5 star review
rachel h. 10.19.2018
Boscia, please do not ever stop selling this. Please never change the recipe. I am 40 years old. I've tried everything. When I lived in another city long, long ago, I had a dermatologist who made a great face lotion that didn't make me break out, moisturized my skin, while leaving a matte finish - that felt weightless and didn't leave my skin shiny. They stopped selling it d/t crazy fees the FDA was going to charge them to test it. But that's besides the point. I have oily skin. All my life I tend to break out. I've learned how to have a great regimen that keeps it all under control. BUT - I could never find a lotion I liked as much as my dermatologist's until I found this Boscia Green Tea moisturizer, and I know that the ingredients in Boscia are much better and healthier for me than what was probably in my dermatologist's. It leaves my skin moisturized, weightless, non-shiny... it leaves it matte. I've had many people comment on how my skin looks great, and I know that this particular step in my regimen, including my different Boscia products, this one really, really makes a noticeable difference and I hope and pray they never stop making it. Side note, I really like the black charcoal face wash. That stuff is great too. And I use a product in the morning that has salicylic acid and rice granules that help scrub my face clean from dead skin. That's an important step to clear skin. But I just ordered the charcoal deep pore exfoliating peel gel - so I'm looking forward to trying that. read more
It works!!!
5 star review
audrey o. 04.02.2018
I've been a client of boscia for over 10 years. My skin goes through phases when it will be oily skin, or dry, or skin just needs a glow. So I've tried all their other products. But my face has been oily for the past 2 months and nothing I use worked. I've been using this product for 3 days and I've noticed such a difference!
5 star review
ashley p. 01.29.2018
I get oily halfway through the day but have combination skin so get dry patches, as well. This moisturizer soaks up the oil and, when put underneath my makeup, it eliminates the oily, splotchy makeup halfway through the day. It's lightweight and not at all greasy. I highly recommend!!!
Excellent under makeup - very dry skin may need more moisture
5 star review
jennifer d. 11.28.2017
I am very impressed with this moisturizer as it can be difficult to find a product that absorbs quickly and completely enough that I can use it in combination with a mineral sunscreen underneath my powder foundation without issue. That said, my skin's moisture needs have increased due to using a retinol at night and this lightweight formula doesn't quite quench it, but I would still give it 5 stars because it performs exactly as described (ultra-light, absorbs excess oil), and is the best moisturizer I have used under my makeup. read more
Excellent oil-free moisturizer for day & night
5 star review
megan p. 11.14.2017
THRILLED with this moisturizer and hoping that it stays a permanent part of the Bosnia product line!
5 star review
reggi g. 04.22.2017
I really like this. My skin looks and feels amazing! Will buy again.
It's OK
3 star review
cynthia l. 03.11.2018
Although I prefer the apparently discontinued vital daily moisture, this product does hydrate skin. The scent could definitely be more appealing, such as the super-charged overnight moisture. That is your best smelling product!