Baby Soft Foot Peel
40 mL/ 1.34 fl oz. | $20.00

A natural exfoliating foot peel treatment powered by AHAs and Fruit Extracts removes dead skin cell buildup from dry, rough and tough feet. Feet will be softer, smoother and baby soft in as little as 8-10 days. Also helps combat foot odor.

1 pair up to size 11

joe m. 07.16.2017
Not sure if this product works because the size of the plastic boots did not fit my feet which are 11.5 no where on the box did it say it only fits up the a certain size foot. Very disappointed and not sure if I would ever use this line a product again.
kimberly b. 05.25.2017
I was so delighted with the performance of this product. My feet actually took about a week to start peeling. I found it both little gross and totally satisfying peeling the old skin away. I've ordered another and one for my mom.
THE Best!
lori p. 02.02.2017
Cannot believe how well this product exfoliated my feet. I have not had a pedicure that can accomplish the same thing. I started noticing the shedding 2 days after I had done it. So pleased to see that even the tips of my toes and around my nails became soft.
Well done!
Absolutely Amazing
samantha g. 12.21.2016
There are no words to describe how amazing yet slightly disturbing (lol) these foot peels are. I have never seen so much skin in my life nor have I seen/felt my feet so soft, even after a pedicure, nothing compares to this.
I used this product on a Sunday. After putting the booties on I did put socks over them to keep them in place for the 90 minutes. I also soaked my feet for 15 minutes in hot/warm water prior. After I rinsed my feet I did feel a cool sensation almost minty like.
I did not notice much peeling until the next weekend.
But my goodness, I want to say it was gross but I was so intrigued. Completely worth every penny. I am on day 10 and I am still noticing some slight peeling so definitely do not use these during flip flop season.
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