Charcoal MakeUp Melter
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Charcoal MakeUp Melter
85g/3.0 oz US | $32.00 $25.00 SALE

A cleansing oil-balm that melts into skin to thoroughly remove makeup (including waterproof mascara), deeply cleanse, and effectively hydrate.

Pro Tip: Tough waterproof makeup? This antibacterial makeup remover strips down the toughest waterproof makeup without stripping the skin.

All Skin Types
Botanical Science
Artificial Fragrance and Color-Free
If you wear glitter makeup, water-proof makeup, colored pigments, FX makeup, you should just buy this now.
5 star review
kelly m. 05.19.2019
I have been using Boscia Charcoal Makeup Melter since fall of 2016. It was sent to me in a PLAY! box. I do a lot of FX makeup designs. I work with liquid latex, spirit gum, body paints, glitters, and pure pigments. I am fair skinned and dark color eye-shadows, dark lipsticks, and pigments tend to stain my skin.

I did a "zipper" face design that had a lot of red body paint that was shadowed with black, grey and red pigments and liquid latex. My normal makeup remover would not take it off. I was still red and black with latex that just wouldn't come off. I tried a few samples I had, nothing was working. I even got Vaseline out and the makeup wouldn't budge.

Frustrated, I searched my drawer for ANY other makeup removers and I grabbed the Makeup Melter. I followed the directions and EVERYTHING came off. I was shocked. I first thought that maybe after trying so may ways to remove the makeup, the makeup just gave up.

A few days later I did an alien makeup design. It removed the green and blue body paint and all the pigments and eye-shadows I used on the first try. My skin wasn't even stained with a blue cast. I place an order for two jars of this that same day.

I use this now to remove all my eye makeup, even just eye-shadows and mascara and stubborn lipsticks. I don't have to rub or tug with this. It melts the makeup and you can gently wipe it off. I hope they never stop making this.
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5 star review
kristine t. 03.02.2018
I have been using this product for 2 years and I will never be without it. Boscia Charcoal Makeup Melter takes my makeup off with no problem, it even takes off water proof mascara without having to rub to hard. Would definitely recommend this product!
5 star review
robin t. 12.13.2016
This Charcoal makeup melter literally "melted" away my makeup - to foundation to eye makeup and to lip. It is so easy to remove makeup with this products and afterwards, my skin feels super soft and clean. This is definitely a new addition to my routine.