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Charcoal Pore Pudding
Charcoal Pore Pudding Charcoal Pore Pudding alternate image Charcoal Pore Pudding alternate image Charcoal Pore Pudding alternate image
Charcoal Pore Pudding
85mL/2.8 fl oz US | $38.00

Detoxify, refine and minimize the appearance of pores with a powerfully effective Activated Black Charcoal and Binchotan White Charcoal Powder wash-off treatment mask. The powerful duo deeply decongests by removing dirt, oil and impurities without over-drying and irritating.

Pro Tip: Tired skin? This skin balancing treat will revitalize your skin for a perfect pick-me-up.

Combo to Oily Skin
Botanical Science
Artificial Fragrance and Color-Free
5 star review
kristi s. 12.06.2019
I love ALL the Boscia products but this one is a definite fav! I love the way it feels going on and I love the glow it leaves after it comes off. I use it once a week and use the clay konjac sponge to wash it off. It really does work to tighten pores and leaves your skin so soft.
5 star review
alexandra w. 12.06.2019
This is the greatest product I've ever put on my face. I LOVE this pore pudding. It's incredible!
Best Mask Ever!!
5 star review
brianna s. 07.26.2018
I love how this masks feels gentle but also like it really benefits my skin! I use it once every other week or so when I feel like my skin needs a pick-me-up. Bonus tip: After I've left it on, I use the boscia Konjac sponge to wash it off. ;) Would definitely recommend!
5 star review
heather p. 11.26.2016
I've used Boscia products before and they seem to be the only brand my skin reacts well to. I saw this product in store but was reluctant to purchase any so i got a sample instead. Well, those tiny little Sephora sample cups? I got three uses out of it. This product goes far. And, I could see a difference in my skin in a single day. My pores were clear and much smaller, and my acne (of which I've been struggling with for the past two weeks) was much, much clearer and calmer. This product is a miracle worker. read more
Face purified.
5 star review
gina f. 05.23.2016
Great to remove all that dirt and excess accumulated during the week. <3 Best thing ever.
5 star review
jeanine m. 05.20.2016
I have never had a mask I found so gorgeous I didn't want to use it until I found this one. I finally dug in last night and fell in love quickly! It goes on so smooth and you don't need a thick layer like with most mask so it will last you longer which let's face it that's a BIG plus! After about 25 minutes, I washed off in the shower with warm water and didn't even bother cleansing afterwards because my skin felt so fabulous and once I looked in the mirror I was very impressed! Even my husband said my skin looked flawless (which NEVER happens) If your on the fence about this product, JUST GET IT! I promise you will NOT be disappointed. WHAT PORES?!? read more
smaller pores
5 star review
tatiana l. 05.20.2016
I have been using this for about a month now as part of my night time skin regimine and I have gotten great results. My pores are shrinking and my skin feels so much smoother!!! I highly reccomend this for anyone looking for a great mask to help with large pores!!
Can't Stop!!
5 star review
robin t. 03.09.2016
I just received mine in the mail and I tried it for the first time 2 nights ago. The application process is really neat, and I really enjoy the way it glides on my skin and provides a thick layer. I left mine on for about 20 minutes then rinsed with warm water..... what a difference! My skin was extremely smooth, soft and my texture was so different than before. I have stubborn clogged pores on my nose and forehead and this mask really pulled out everything from underneath the skin, but did not break me out like most masks out there that have similar benefits. Even 2 days later, I still see the same results of this mask. This mask is a MUST try, what do you have to lose??! Pores. read more
5 star review
christine d. 01.29.2016
This mask is amazing!! the black and white concept is so cool and I love the way this mask feels on my face. It is so rich and definitely absorbs deep into my skin and minimizes my pores, I LOVE IT!!!!
Pores minimized!
5 star review
carol c. 01.26.2016
This is great to spot treat the areas of my face that have larger pores without stripping my otherwise combo to dry skin. Fabulous!