White Charcoal Mattifying MakeUp Setting Spray
30mL/1fl oz | $12.00
backordered (until further notice)
150mL/5.07 fl oz U.S. | $38.00

A fine mist that minimizes pores, gently mattifies and sets makeup while keeping skin hydrated. White Charcoal helps keep the moisture locked in and provides long-term skin benefits. Skin is left shine-free yet hydrated and makeup is locked in place.
“Mist and repeat for your best, balanced skin throughout the day!”

whitney h. 11.23.2017
I love the setting spray, I have oily yet really dry skin, it sets my makeup so it stays on, and also helps to control the oil without drying me out. I love this product!
Sets make-up and really works
megan p. 11.14.2017
Love this spray and it really works! It keeps my makeup fresh and actually provides a good base for eyeshadow. I have oily skin and it helps to keep it under control. Excellent product and hope that it is here to stay as I will buy this over and over again.
huray Boscia make safe setting spray makeup
jenny n. 05.23.2016
I got this sample from sephora. I use this after bb cream. I like the light matte layer look that I got from this product. It also make my skin less oily through my busy day. Yes I'm gonna purchase it later
Will buy again
crystal s. 05.20.2016
I bought a deluxe sample size from a different store, and will be purchasing the full size soon. I have very oily skin, and haven't had to do a touch up yet, and it's been 4 hours.
Good for oily skin
lisa v. 05.20.2016
I use this a little bit differently than suggested. I found when I just spray it on, it made my pores look larger so I started spraying it on a sponge instead and applying it by blotting it onto my oily spots so I could really work the product into my pores and have found it works wonderfully that way for me. I stay shine free much longer than I do without using the product.
justyna k. 05.20.2016
I have combination skin, normal with scattered dry patches on my face. So my foundations that I use usually make me extremely dewy looking..

I initially thought that this product would just dry my skin out but it didn't! My skin was completely even. It actually looked like I used a matted foundation. Bottom line, this is now a staple in my beauty regiment!
Amazing product
kristina t. 05.20.2016
Best product I've found to set make up & for touch ups during the day!! Use it every day and it does not move my make up when used to absorb oil during the day.
More than a setting spray!
natalie s. 01.26.2016
This is the best setting spray I've ever used! I love it because not only does it help set my make up and make it last longer, but this spray is also great to use before putting on your skincare products and is a great prep or primer spray to use before makeup. It keeps my oily skin at bay and makes my skin feel the right amount of moisturized. I also love to use this after I touch up my makeup or if i need a quick refreshing spray in the middle of my day. Overall I love this product and would recommend it to anyone because it can be used as a makeup setting spray, a prep or primer spray, and as an added step to prep your skin for your skin care products. read more
sana k. 01.15.2016
I used it to prime my face before applying makeup and it made my makeup look so much smoother! I also used it alone, and it removed all my shine without drying my face, which is awesome because I have dry flakey skin. Love this product!
robin t. 01.14.2016
I just received this in the mail and I have found my new BFF. I tend to have very shiny skin and it is very difficult to keep it at bay, until I received this. This spray does actually what it says - it mattifies my skin instantly and also keeps it shine-free throughout the day!. I never felt so shine-free and hydrated at the same time... thank you boscia for another staple in my skincare!