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Konjac Cleansing Cloth
Konjac Cleansing Cloth
1 cloth | $15.00

The most versatile cleanse you’ve ever seen: a multi-purpose pillow-soft cleansing cloth made of 100% Asian Konjac Root with 20% Loofah for the deepest, closest cleanse. This unique form of Konjac Cleansing Sponge allows you to use your fingertips for a more controlled, customized cleanse. Formulated for all skin types.

Pro Tip: Pair with your favorite body wash for added exfoliation.

Konjac Root
All Skin Types
Botanical Science
Artificial Fragrance and Color-Free
Excellent for women with Rosacea
5 star review
rochelle w. 08.07.2019
This has the perfect level of texture - more than your hand and less than a regular washcloth. The little bubble recesses allow just enough scrubbing to remove dirt and oils but not so much as to damage very tender skin. I have used a Clarisonic Mia with sens skin brush for yrs but my skin is getting dryer and it was just too harsh. I use this with Paul Roth Thomas liquid cleanser and my face is clean but not irritated. I have given a couple of these to friends that have problem skin and they both LOVE them too. read more
Organic cleansing over modern technology it is!
5 star review
audrey g. 12.18.2017
I'd been an avid Clairsonic user for over a decade until I met this cloth. Everything about this cloth is organic feeling. Washing my face with it I realize that I'm feeling the contours in my facial structure for the first time in years. Not a rough exfoliation but a gentle, thorough clean with just enough texture to know your skin is going to glow - naturally. When washing, I don't want to stop it feels so very nice on the skin. When I do finally stop, I have to rinse out the cloth and even that is a joy! To squeeze this strangely textured cloth in my hand, it almost feels alive. I purchased either 4 or 6 of these at one time - I don't ever want to be without one at the sink or in the shower. My face loves this root! read more
great makeup remover and gentle exfoliator <3
5 star review
andrea f. 05.23.2016
I love how great this sponge works, I use it along with the tsubaki cleansing oil-gel and it does a terrific job removing makeup (even waterproof!). I have also tried it with other cleansers and it works great too! Please don't ever discontinue this marvelous product!!
exfoliate safe and clean
5 star review
angie w. 03.03.2016
I used konjac sponge before but don't like it, now the konjac cloth exfoliates my face easily, highly recommend!
A Game Changer
5 star review
beverly g. 01.27.2016
Rarely do I encounter a beauty product that changes my beauty routine, but this Cleansing Cloth was, for me, a game changer. When I use this cloth with Boscia's Makeup Breakup cleanser, my face gets thoroughly clean - and I mean THOROUGHLY. Love this product so much I've stocked up enough to last me 10 years.
Konjac Cleansing Cloth
5 star review
leann c. 01.26.2016
I love to use this to remove makeup and cleanse my face before bed. When I am finished my face is soft and dry without any towel. You can use any cleanser of your choice or none at all and it is still refreshing.
Love this for makeup removal!
5 star review
michelle f. 10.28.2015
I use this cloth when I remove my makeup at night. I love that it is gentle enough to help cleanse my eye area without risking any damage to my lashes. My favorite combo is this and Makeup Breakup!
Perfect for Makeup Removal
5 star review
christine d. 10.28.2015
I LOVE the Konjac Cleansing Cloth!! I use this cloth at night with the Makeup Breakup Cool Cleansing Oil to remove my makeup and it does the job so well. I like the fact that since it is a cloth, I am able to "control" the makeup removal, especially around my eye area. love this cloth!!
Alternative for Konjac Sponge Rounds
4 star review
mali i. 01.21.2016
I love the konjac sponges and when I saw this, I had to try it. It is about the size of a wash cloth. It feels more exfoliating than the actual konjac rounds, so I use this to exfoliate around the curves of my nose. I also have one for my body, which works great with body wash. This shrinks to a weird shape after use but it goes right back to normal once you wet it again. Super convenient to bring on trips. read more
Soft and refreshed
4 star review
elena m. 10.28.2015
I took this with me while traveling and have to say that I fell in love with it. I'm addicted to how soft and clean my skin feels after I use it.