Konjac Cleansing Sponge with Bamboo Charcoal

A cushiony-soft facial exfoliator made with 100 percent organic konjac root and infused with bamboo charcoal to deeply cleanse and exfoliate for more pore-refined, softer, smoother skin.

Pro Tip: Use to rinse of your favorite boscia mask for added exfoliation.

Konjac Root
Combo to Oily Skin
Botanical Science
Artificial Fragrance and Color-Free
makes foam
tuuliki r. 12.20.2016
I like how it makes a huge difference in my skin cleansing ritual. Cleansing products that don't seem to foam when you wash your face with just hands this sponge makes easily to foam. My face cleansing is now more fun and effective.
Wonderful pore perfecting sponge
andrea f. 05.23.2016
I have used this sponge every morning in the past month, and ever since I can feel that it has helped my complexion and my skin has less blemishes and my pore size has decreased. It really makes a difference on your skin when you use this konjac sponge! I love it!
lori h. 01.28.2016
I love this sponge! It makes my skin feel clean yet moisturized and never feels like there is a film or tightness to my skin. I tried the white one but the black one is my favorite. It is so easy to use and works amazing for removing impurities and dirt. Doesn't cause irritation or harshness to blemish areas or sensitive areas. It leaves a fresh feeling face that glows.
Holy Grail Product!
jeanine m. 01.26.2016
This sponge is one of my favorite items in life! I wet it then using circular motions wash the cleanser in on my face. It leaves your skin unbelievably soft and clean! My skin has a glow since starting using these sponges in my daily routine! I can not recommend these enough!
Good quality konjac
tiffany y. 01.26.2016
I bought several konjacs; Boscia's, and a few cheaper ones from Etude House and TJ maxx. I have to say that you get what you pay for. The quality of the Boscia one is much better. It is a thick ball shape, which makes holding it easier, and the texture is slightly different from the two cheaper ones. The two cheap ones are thinner and less exfoliating. This konjac will last longer and is more pleasant to use. read more
lisa v. 01.26.2016
This little sponge left my skin amazingly soft and smooth and was so gentle. I can't believe how effective this is for being so gentle. LOVE IT!!!
eavan y. 01.26.2016
I love this product! I took a chance ordering it, thinking a sponge can't do that much, but I was wrong! I use it every day with cleanser to wash my makeup off. My face feels much cleaner. I'm now using my second one and will continue to order this item.
Use it daily!
christine s. 07.17.2015
I love this sponge! I use it everyday with my cleanser! It's so soft once it's been soaked in water and it really help cleanses the face well. I've been using it everyday since I took it out of the box!