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Clear Complexion Moisturizer
Clear Complexion Moisturizer Clear Complexion Moisturizer alternate image
Clear Complexion Moisturizer
40 mL/1.4 fl oz | $36.00

Give skin lightweight hydration while maintaining a clear, healthy complexion without irritation. A blend of blemish-fighting fruit extracts work together to prevent breakouts and reduce inflammation. Willowbark Extract helps reduce the appearance of dark spots while purifying skin. Formulated specifically for blemish-prone skin.

Pro Tip: Fight inflammation and irritation throughout the day by layering Clear Complexion Moisturizer under your makeup.

Willow Bark
Rosemary Leaf
Blemish-Prone Skin
Botanical Science
Artificial Fragrance and Color-Free
5 star review
kelsey t. 05.20.2016
I have acne prone skin and really sensitive skin! And I use this every day and I feel like it really does help! And it also helps to prevent my face from getting really red!
Amazing for Oily skin
5 star review
candace r. 01.28.2016
I have very oily skin, so I was always reluctant to use any moisturizers at all. Even the oil free ones would be too drying and anything else would irritate my skin. This moisturizer is a miracle for me. When I use it my oil is controlled through out the day. It also makes my skin feel so clean and not greasy. I also found that it tones while it moisturizes. it amazing for sensitive skin and acne-prone skin. Definitely my favorite and love using it with the Clear Complexion face wash. read more
My go to moisturizer
5 star review
rachel c. 01.26.2016
I'd have to say this is my #1 favorite Boscia product. It's very light weight and feels soothing when I put it on. I also really like that I don't feel it after a few hours unlike some other moisturizers. I mix it with Cool Blue Hydration Essence and my face feels like a dream! Another thing I should mention is I've been in the hospital multiple times because of my sensitive skin and the fact that I tried new items. I'm happy to say this and all of Boscia's products that I have never hurt me and I use them every day. :) read more
Works very well
4 star review
ennei s. 12.06.2019
My face tends to be very oily mid day in the T Zone but with the moisturizer it is never super oily which is great. It controls the prone of acne.
4 star review
lei j. 01.26.2016
It's lightweight but moisturizers and does not irritate my very sensitive skin.
Good for Blemish-Prone Skin
3 star review
maarten s. 08.20.2015
The good: this moisturiser is extremely light-weight. If you have an oily area (T-zone in my case), this product will moisturise without triggering break-outs GUARANTEED. I've used it over the summer, and honestly it felt liberating to be able to apply moisturiser without having to worry about my face's reaction. This skin immediately absorbs the product, so make-up or other skin care can be applied immediately after, no problem.
The bad: I dislike the smell (as opposed to the other Clear Complexion Products) and the texture is somewhat sticky (I always feel like washing my hands after putting it on). The product is not moisturising enough for the rest of my face, so as we go into Autumn I'll have to switch to another product.

Conclusion: Blemish-prone skin? Try it out!
Only one blemish-prone area (e.g. T-zone)? Try it in the summer!
Overall dry skin? This will probably not be moisturising enough.
read more
Not for dry skin users
1 star review
michelle r. 02.14.2019
This moisturizer did not work for me. I have dry sensitive skin, it made it even more dry. I had dry patches after using it. Don't recommend it you have dry skin.