Clear Complexion Tonic
150 mL/5 fl oz | $26.00

Promote skin clarity and prevent future-blemishes with a soothing, refreshing, botanical tonic that leaves skin clean, clear, and refreshed.  Formulated specifically for active, blemish-prone skin, this tonic has natural anti-bacterial benefits that help aid in skin circulation for an invigorated complexion.


Willow Bark
Blemish-Prone Skin
Botanical Science
Artificial Fragrance and Color-Free
bobbi r. 03.09.2018
I used this product maybe 3 or 4 times. After a few days of using it my skin become extremely dry and irritated I had to stop using it. It took forever to get rid of the dryness mainly on my nose and chin area. I would not recommend this product.
claire r. 04.09.2017
I struggled with acne and breakouts for years. I use this tonic with the Clear Complexion Cleanser and my skin is perfect. Seriously. I don't understand it but it's magic. It smells great and feels really soothing and gentle on my skin. I look forward to using it twice a day. I NEVER break out now. It's been 2 months of using this and I really think it's a miracle tonic. My skin is clean, blemish-free, and with no redness or irritation. Thank you, Boscia!!! read more
tuuliki r. 12.20.2016
I really like everything about this tonic. Smells great and leaves my skin feeling good.
Refreshing Mist
ashley r. 10.20.2016
I recently switched to Boscia products last month after a recommendation from my sister. My skin is very sensitive so I was hesitant to try anything other than Neutrogena. I have been using it for a month now and I am in love. My skin feels amazing and I am already seeing results. It is so light and I love that I don't have to purchase the face pads anymore. I am so thankful for this line of skincare! read more
kelsey t. 05.20.2016
I have just started using this stuff and I love it! I use it twice a day and it really helped reduced my inflamed acne and to calm it down! It's really great for my sensitive skin!
Love this!
alicia r. 05.20.2016
I received this tonic in one of the SUPER AWESOME bosia gifts with purchase. It feels so nice when I spray on my skin, and I like that it is a spray because then I don't have to waste a bunch of cotton pads and this goes directly onto my skin. It does not have a nasty smell and soothes my acne prone skin.
My holy grail!!
kaitlynne f. 02.01.2016
I LOVE this stuff! I can not stop recommending it to everyone I know with acne problems. It works amazing for me, I use it every morning and night and it keeps away blemishes amazingly without drying out my skin or irritating it all. I literally cannot live without it, I always have one or two backups!
ooh la la I love this stuff
julie p. 01.27.2016
This tonic keeps my skin congestion free and fresh. I have used this tonic for years and just can not get enough of it. I also keep it in my gym bag to spritz on after a workout. Also use it after i get out of the shower as a part of my routine then I apply my serum, then i apply my amazing bosica black gel moisturizer. I keep them all on my night stand. I also use this tonic just for a pick me up for my skin in days that I don't wear any makeup. Love you boscia!!! #thelookbyjulie read more
I really like this Tonic
lei j. 01.26.2016
I really like this toner. However, I find that it does dry me out a little bit. it helps.
jemima v. 01.26.2016
I love the convenience of spraying this on your face for some hydration. However, it made me break out :(