Sake Balm
bounce moisturizer to hydrate and brighten
50 g/1.75 fl oz | $46.00
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An innovative bouncing gel-textured moisturizer made from the finest Sake grade. Delivers hydrating and brightening benefits allowing skin to visibly bounce back from dryness and dullness to a brighter, firmer, healthier-looking complexion.
"The power of Japanese Sake for a bounce of brightness and hydration!"

Brighter than my teeth
douglas k. 05.07.2017
Wow! I have ordered two or three bottles since last year and it's inevitable to not refill for its skin benefits which include buoyancy, brightening, clarity, and slight tightening. The texture is like custard and is the first layer in my routine besides toner. I'm going to try the Tsubaki Swirl this time and see how it compares. Botanical Science > Drug Store.
More like Jello!
mari s. 01.31.2017
I think this is a great product, BUT definitely NOT "balm" what we think normally. It is not oily, the texture is like loose jello, you scoop out it from the jar with a tiny spoon came with this product. I was expecting more thick "balm" type of cream, so it was a little bit surprising.
I have normal to dry skin, this "balm" does not give enough moisture for my skin, it feels good, but I have to layer more thick moisturizer to go with it.
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ashley r. 10.20.2016
I recently switched to Boscia products last month after a recommendation from my sister. My skin is very sensitive so I was hesitant to try anything other than Neutrogena. I have been using it for a month now and I am in love. My skin feels amazing and I am already seeing results. I tend to get dry throughout the day but not since I have been using the Sake Balm. The moisture is pure perfection. I am so thankful for this line of skincare! read more
Best. Ever.
michele f. 05.27.2016
My skin is extremely dry and extremely sensitive. I am always reluctant to try new products in fear of negative reactions. I got this on a whim hoping to clear some hyperpigmentation post pregnancy. Not only is it gentle, it is effective. Will be adding to my lay of staple items. Thank you, Bosnia. You never disappoint!
My Skin Loves This!
candace r. 05.20.2016
I have oily skin so I know that I need a good PH balancing moisturizer. I tried Sake Balm and fell IN LOVE! The texture is unlike any other moisturizer I've had. Applying it feels luxurious and it kept my skin looking radiant all day without worsening my oily skin! This is a must-have for my daily skin routine!
nicole g. 05.20.2016
I love this product. I started using it when it was released and combined with the black charcoal detoxifying cleanser, its kept my breakouts to an extreme minimum. Its super light weight and does not over moisturize your skin but gives it enough moisture to make your skin feel hydrated. Its awesome!
new favorite
harise p. 04.15.2016
I have tried a lot of products and was not looking for a moisturizer, when I saw this item in a Sephora store. I had heard of sake being a good ingredient for skin, I decided to try it, they had a jar to sample, my first impression was liking the interesting texture. I thought I must be the first sampler, as the contents looked untouched. Amazingly after I scooped out a little bit, I looked back at the jar and it was smooth again. I have used it for only a few days, twice daily, and I really like it. My skin issues are more to do with aging than any extra dryness but moisturizing makes a big difference. I came to the site to learn more about the product and found much to like. I plan to continue with this. I use it over or under other products, and my skin feels extra soft, my face looks and feels smoother in the morning than with other moisturizers, that's the first result. I'll watch for other improvements but this is something I'll stay with anyway, for it's moisturizing properties
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faith v. 03.01.2016
I have an extremely oily t-zone but dry cheeks... This moisturizer is AMAZING, to say the least. I use it at night (since during the day it sits a bit heavy on my face), when I wake up in the morning my face feels SUPER soft after washing, and feels moisturized. I would recommend this for anyone looking to deeply moisturize dry skin. I have even used this on my elbows.
sarah s. 02.06.2016
Please don't ever discontinue this item. This sake balm is like a magic light hydrating cream. Without horrible preservatives that can irritate the skin, I truly feel I found treasure with this one!
judith m. 02.03.2016
The new Sake Balm moisturizer is almost gel-like, improving the texture and appearance of your skin. This is my favorite moisturizer at Bosnia.